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Hey i have a question about arena. why does the arena rank not reset ? i thought that at the first day every month the arena rank would reset and i get my rewards for it but at my server s1824 healingjutsu it isnt. someone know why? i mean sure its a new server but does that count to not get the rewards? i mean for what reason i should get sage of the six path - rank when i dont get something for my effort.

thanks for help.

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Hello! In regards to Arena, you can actually find the information by clicking on the icon below (when you are in the Arena feature):


After clicking on the "?" icon, you will find information as seen below:


Upon checking the information above, you can find information pertaining to your inquiry. Only servers who have Cross-server Space-Time activated (which is only available for server who has been opened for at least 60 days), will the Season system be unlocked. Your server S1824 is a new server and it has not been at least 60 days, which is why the "Season System" has not been activated.

Hopefully that helps!

For future support related inquiry, please use the Bug/Support section, which can be found here.

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