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[ Bugs ] Kakuzu Akatsuki Creation still crashes mini client one year later


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A year ago you said that the bug that crashes mini client when using Kakuzu Akatsuki would be fixed...i read the closed, he still crashes my systems regardless of what I play the game almost renders him useless as what is the use of using him in gnw and crash out of the battle?? Any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance.

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What version of the miniclient are you running? This is supposedly fixed as of the most recent version of the miniclient. We haven't gotten reports of this happening to people with the newest version outside of a few shoebox-case PCs that simply can't handle the graphics load, but that's just a hardware issue, and not the client itself. Have you upgraded to the latest client yet?
Please let me know, thanks!

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i have the latest client and it happens to me all the timeas well, and i dont have a shoebox pc

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Odd, OK. I had thought this issue was solved with the latest miniclient. Have you submitted a ticket about this, yet?

What about you, Doctor007? What version of the client are you running?

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Bro Moderators don't know how to fix this issue that's why the bug is still occurs after year(s) and the game is too slow even using high-end pc because they are just waiting for the game to die soon. Sad truth, I love this game too that's why I still play this game from time to time. I suggest to be here until the end and don't even bother to get help from the Moderators

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Yeah happens to me stiII, its so annoying that it isnt fixed yet.

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it happened to me regardless of what version of mini client that i used..

usually it will happen in 2 situation:

1) after prolonged online (~30min to 1hour in my experience), then either i or opponent used kakuzu AC mystery for FIRST time.. game will crashed

2) after MULTIPLE times of kakuzu AC mystery either by opponent or me (for me after 3rd or 4th kakuzu mystery in different battle.. ie in DB or GNW with many kakuzu AC).. then game will crashed

For me, situation (1) is more common than situation (2), not sure about others..

I likes this game & will continue to play for now.. so what i usually do is, i will close mini client & restarted back just before main event like GNW or sometimes if im doing DB but yet sometimes it still can crashed

I have no other way to overcome it

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I use the mini-client and have never had this issue and have used Kakuzu creation in GNW every time since it came out.. But, I always turn off the audio, so I wonder if it is an audio issue rather than a graphical issue or networking issue. You might give that a try.

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