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Login issues


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Maxthon Browser isn't working also. How do I fix that?

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Having the same problem on all three accounts. Don't tell us to download another version already have Now that I am here, might as well complain about that to. Have had nothing but problems with it to. Always crashing and please don't say it's my desk top, cause is not!!!! It's from your end not mine!!! We spend good money on this game, well some of us do. I have for one and to be treated like this is not like some one how means any thing to the company should be treated. I have played this game almost from the start. If something doesn't change soon, I feel it my be time to stop. That is truely sad. I have enjoyed this game, but lately, the last year for sure, the game has been going down hill fast. So get your act together and start fixing things you know are wrong and put some money into it instead of the higher ups pockets. Please get this fixed. NOW!!!!

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Still not working! When are you planning to fix it?

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here still nothing S1822 NY

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i can login on the server:26 asia, but can't on the server:1

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Thanks, it worked.

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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mini client. even the time changing. nothing is working. how are we supposed to login? please solve this problem.

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the second dayScreenshot_11

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Hello, it appears as if the login issues with the 2.3 version of the miniclient should be working now.

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hi ,

is it possible to compensate for the missed day ( it was not possible to pick up boxes from the illusion, complete daily tasks, swb, cat, st, flashlights, coupons from activated cards and the tree were missed)??

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We will ask about compensation for missed rewards, but it is unlikely that any will be given, as this outage is not considered to be the fault of the company. Versions 2.4 and 3.X both worked fine all day yesterday for players, and most players were able to log in fine from Puffin, Maxthon, etc.. The flash outages seem to have been region or device-specific. That said, we will ask on your behalf, but I can't promise anything positive on this note. It's worth keeping in mind that this was a government mandated change that we were forced to adhere to.

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standing applause and bid respect from us to all moderator / admin to respond and find solution


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