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Having the same problem on all three accounts. Don't tell us to download another version already have Now that I am here, might as well complain about that to. Have had nothing but problems with it to. Always crashing and please don't say it's my desk top, cause is not!!!! It's from your end not mine!!! We spend good money on this game, well some of us do. I have for one and to be treated like this is not like some one how means any thing to the company should be treated. I have played this game almost from the start. If something doesn't change soon, I feel it my be time to stop. That is truely sad. I have enjoyed this game, but lately, the last year for sure, the game has been going down hill fast. So get your act together and start fixing things you know are wrong and put some money into it instead of the higher ups pockets. Please get this fixed. NOW!!!!

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