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Anko swimsuit - passive not used by AI


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Hi folks, the -20 chakra on mystery is not recocgnized by AI not for her mystery or other females.

Please resolve





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if you mean that the "AI" not triggers mysteries at 0 chakra thats not anko suit only, been reported with all the ninjas that makes 0 chakra mysteries such as guy summer and kimono mabui (and others), the problem is that the "AI" doesn't have a check on chakra after buffs applies and is kinda very bad since there are things like space-time that are auto only...

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Hello, the auto battle function is quite outdated, and we have requested an update for this function.

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not only on 0 chakra, but also 20 like in konnan's case

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Yes, as tylermotoki mentioned, the auto battle function only recognizes the "true" chakra cost of abilities, not the adjusted one, unfortunately. It is incapable of recognizing the adjusted chakra cost of abilities. We recommend using manual battle whenever possible, or planning around this limitation when using gamemodes that are auto-battle only, such as ranked battle or space time.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for bearing with us!

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