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Infinite Illusion; Trail of Heart


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Those are the teams I found most useful in Trail of Heart:

With Ukon you need to get as much hits as possible, and he needs to be the lowest health.
You can do that by just removing his your helmet. And don't worry about the interruption, when you heal with water main, for one round you are immune to everything.
And when you can't use Water Main mystery just use Ukon's mystery, before Water Main does her standard. That's why you should use her.
Personally he is my favorite as I got the highest damage with him.

Shisui [Kimono] is also another option; after all his mystery is buffed so you will do from the start decent damage and later on of course it becomes higher and higher. He was personally for me the 2nd highest damage dealer.


This is basically; if you don't have Shisui [Kimono] or Ukon Sakon breakthough. He won't deal much damage compared to the other onces; but he should be good enough to get you in the top 10. [Dont use his barrier].


This line up is meant for the top spenders; I personally don't know which main would get you the max damage.
But I guess that is for the person who can afford this line up try it

Pretty self explanatory; Kimimaro's mystery first afterwards Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei]. I would recommend; if you have enough chakra in the later rounds just to use Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei], as last. To get of course most out of Kushina [Christmas] passive


You c(a)n also so try Temari [Great Ninja War] breakthrough; I tried her, but you just need too much luck with her, and that I personally did not find the effort worth it to get the perfect RNG for her.

As you c(a)n see all my line ups do have Kushina [Christmas]; because she is just the best option for this mode, and as of right now I would not know who could replace her to be honest.

All the line ups that do have Lightning Main; you c(a)n also try with Fire Main, or the other way around just use Ninjutsu Urge with Fire Main, and retreat in round 10, if you have for example lower damage with Lightning Main or Fire Main. As it wont take a try from you if you retreat.

For the onces wondering; if you have Asura he is of course replaceable with Genma

Hope this helped~~

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  • Good list in general but:

    1) Typo and you want +2 mystery for ETR Madara

    2) LM is best for Pain so that's correct (you don't need root just go double standard for more chakra so Pain can stack faster with kushina, it gives you immunity anyway)

    3) For Shisui you obviously want Genma / Ashura for more chases / scaling instead of that kimimaro (you also completly rekt his trials btw, +2 / Y chases not the other way around)

    4) Ukon / Habanero are probably best f2p choices so good tip right there

    In general it goes like that:

    1) 6path Pain (complete * not even close for other ninjas)

    2) BT Kimono Shisui setups

    3) BT GNW Temari setup (she is way better than Madara even 10tails and other options but I won't show setup that I made for my friends here. I know its selfish but I want my f2p friends to farm coupons and somebody from my server could steal it and beat them but trust me, she is insane and not that rng heavy with 1support that is completly meme tier in general but for this team its genius)

    4) Everything else that just can't compete with 3 teams above.


You're right with Madara [Edo Tensei]. I accidentally did Y on proxy.
Shisui [Kimono], I tried both setups both chases; and the difference FOR me was not that huge.
The teams and the talents aren't exactly ment to follow anyway; you could of course always change it what you seem fit.

And just so you know Ukon does more damage than Madara [Edo Tensei], Shisui [Kimono], Minato [Edo Tensei].
As I personally got 120m with Ukon. and none of the other ninjas came even close to that. I probably can go a bit higher; but no point for me as the 3rd person is 300M damage a head of me.

I know some setups with Temari [GNW]; but dont have those specific ninjas; but i saw some 100m damage done, what again is lower than what I got with Ukon.

I also said that you can try teams with Lightning Main as a Fire Main, as the damage maybe higher or lower; I didnt specify that the mains are the best option that I selected.

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