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Cefsharp browserSubprocess exe


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So I did a fresh install of windows 10, installed the mini client again and all of the sudden my pc is super slow and sluggish. Turns out the Cefsharp.browserSubprocess.exe is going ham when playing naruto online but also when I am not playing. The only place of the file location of Cefsharp is the naruto folder. I never had this problem before, it was never spiking and the mini client never caused any probs. Is Cefsharp a main part of the game and/or client and can I delete it? Because it makes my pc unresponsive let alone that I can play naruto online.

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This particular subprocess acting up is often an indicator of a virus. Reinstallation of windows is usually enough to clean this out. Unfortunately, if the problem is persisting through a reinstall, you may have to end up formatting your drive or searching for additional solutions to the problem. I would suggest doing a thorough search on the kinds of viruses and issues that can last through a reinstall of windows and how to get rid of them. Hopefully this helps. :(

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