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[ Lineup ] Sai [Swimsuit] Lineups


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Hey guys!




Mystery: A 2-way mystery which I personally like, because it gives you some choices. The new debuff "Dye Ink" is also quite interesting and it can kinda counter Naruto 6 Paths

Standard Attack: Immobilize is always good

Passive 1: So this is his passive barrier + can re-cast it with your mystery. Quite good giving everyone a chance to use the "Dye Ink" debuff and giving some small resistance/ninjutsu buff to everyone in your team

Chase: Removing buffs and shields is always appreciated

Passive 2: This is something that's both great and bad because honestly there aren't too many useful female ninjas these days (especially pos1-2 ones) so everyone will be debuffed

Honestly he's a good ninja. Can counter some ninjas who rely on standard attack/chase and give you a bit of support/buffs.

1. Fire Main


F2p style

2. Fire Main 2


An attempt of using some female ninjas (so you don't get the critical chance reduction from Sai)

3. Wind Main


Quicky Post

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