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[ Suggestions ] Fuku deals


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1. [What] Make fuku deals with 100k spending milestones.

The rewards could be anything relevant to 100k spending during the events, such as:

1. Obito Ten-Tail Jinchuuriki ?x fragments
2. Madara Ten-Tail Jinchuuriki ?x fragments
3.Jiraiya Toad fragments ?x fragments
4. Ashura Otsutsuki ?x fragments
5. Indra Otsutsuki ?x fragments

And the list could go on. As long the ninjas are relevant to spending rebates. I don't put the fragment numbers since it will triggered some people. So, I let the oasis team decided.

2. [Why] It will increase the rate of player to become low-mid spender (pay2play).

The players will pursue to spend in slow rate, but in high number. Since they know there will big events with big rewards. Perhaps it will do injustice to big whale/spender, but since oasis is a greedy company and idgaf about those whales, u guys can earn our money through low-mid spender (high numbers) rather than focus ONLY on big spender (low numbers) through Tsukuyomi rebate. I assumed.

3. [When] Maybe do this big event like this once per year.

I suggest to do at the end of the month (December), so all player can be prepared earlier to save up the coupons.

4. [How] It is possible to do this. Through froggy investments.

It can be achieved to attract the big numbers of mid spender to spend their money on froggy every month, despite not only on monthly cards. U guys can take our money, and we can hallucinate with our favorite ninjas.

*The fuku deal milestones can be change up to 125k or 150k. Perhaps more, don't care. Go big or stay pussih

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I will submit this suggestion for you.

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