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[ Player Guide ] Punk State clothing in Time-limited Ninja Recruitment


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Hey guys!



Wanted to show you the cost/power gain of this clothing so you can decide for yourself if it's worth

Personally I'll tell you right away you should just get the free fragments and collect it slowly rather than buying it because it's quite expensive and those coupons/ingots are better spent in training potions or secret scrolls. (unless you are already at super high power of course)

So I already had 6/50 fragments from previous free events therefore I had to buy 44 fragments which cost me exactly 8080 coupons or 808 keys (+1 free draw and a few free keys from sweeping instances) so let's round that up to 815 keys for 44 fragments

Here are some screenshots:



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Thanks for posting this, im at 10 frags and it aint smart to spend cps on it rn, but * 5k power from it sheesh, i assume its cause of ur battIe power aIso, i wouId probabIy get Iike 1.5-2k at 400k

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