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I'm sure whoever works on this game knows that there are many people from different parts of the world and who know different languages who like to play this game. I would like to suggest adding a translator to every chat box. I myself couldn't tell you how many times I've teamed up with someone and because we don't speak the same language there's been misunderstanding and we've had to disband and not get tasks done because of it. I don't feel I should be forced to learn a new language to understand someone I'm just playing a game with and nobody else should either. I think it will help a ton.

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I will submit this suggestion for you. However, please be aware that it would take a long time to implement such a suggestion into the game. In the meantime, I would suggest using the translation app on your phone or google translate for your translation needs. Either already exist and should only be a few clicks away (depending on what platform you are using to play the game) and should work pretty easily.
Thank you for the suggestion!

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Just use google translate or play in your proper region xD

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That's A Great Suggestion That I Would've Liked To See Them (The Developers Of This Game That Is) Implement Into This Game Further Down The Line At Some Point In The Very Near Future (Though) Although In What Capacity That It May Be Like In It's Final Release Is Up In The Air At This Point In Time (Though) But At The Very Least Text That Isn't Your Native Language Should've Been Clickable To Translate It (Manually Speaking Though) And This Would Of Been A Nice Feature To See Fully Utilized In This Game If They Couldn't Implement The Auto Translate Feature In All Of Their Chat Text Boxes In Game (Though), Markcy San

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