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[ Bugs ] Assist li<x>nks not working


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Assist link cannot be chosen


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This Is A Temporary Fix That You Can Currently Use To Restore Your Assist links Card's Section And Equipped Cards On Your Team As Well (Also Too Though), Yeshe San First You Should Use The Refresh B-u-t-t-o-n On Your Game's Mini Client Or Puffin Browser To Fix This Issue Temporarily Until The Moderators' Can Assist You Further With Your Current Predicament (Though)..Yeshe San

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Unfortunately, this bug occurs commonly any time after the infinite illusion interface is activated, and can only be cured, at present, by refreshing the game.

No timeline has yet been given on a fix, though the devs are aware of it. For the moment, we can only recommend that you not enter the infinite illusion game interface unless you are sure your assist links are correct and unless you know you can safely refresh the game afterwards.
Sorry for the trouble and thanks for bearing with us!

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