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Hello, i just want to state that i have being sent here from the delete-land "General Discussion" on the suggestion of mister/miss mod Jiburiru, after i have went there on the suggestion of mister/miss mod TachibanaSaeko from the "bugs & support" section. Wait what? I'm confused. why i am here again!? I started here in the first place.

First time in my life i have turned into a forum pin-ball. It's kind of hilarious honestly . Although i am a little hurt, that no mod wants me in his section and bounces me from place to place, like if i have the cooties. I swear, i am a nice person once you get to know me.


My original post in this section got closed, i got transfered to Manchester Unit.. ooops, i mean to the General discussion. And from there my post got closed again and i got kindly told to gtfo to this section again. You can't make this stuff up. Do you guys even talk to eachother? Or it's like when you go with your siblings to the same school and ignore eachother in the yard.


The moderator communication is so good, you guys practically mind meld and understand each-other by mere eye contact.

Or to put it non-sarcasticaly: no one want to deal with my original concern about the rigged forum events and kick me from section to section.

Don't be afraid to comment fellow players, my cooties are not contagious i promise

*Edit* I hope you won't send me to "Strategy" or "Fanfiction" sections,i like this section the best. We where having a nice discussion here, before miss/mister mod Qv devolved it into a flame war and personal attacks thread.

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