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[ Player Guide ] Secret Scroll upgrade priority


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Hey guys!

I want to give you some opinions on upgrading your secret scrolls


So, we have a lot of secret scrolls now as there is basically a new one every month or two.

It's really hard to decide on the upgrading priority due to everyone being in a different situation. But generally I think the biggest deciding factor will be your Ninja Assist cards feature. If your ninja assist became expensive now then maybe it's a good time to get your Secret Scrolls to a certain level. (of course you shouldn't leave your other power features at like level 1 also)

The first 2 secret scrolls are the most inexpensive ones because the 1st one has only 4 stat scrolls, 2nd one has 5 stat scrolls and all the others have 6. Therefore it's alright to always have these first 2 scrolls a level or two higher than others (for more initiative bonus for a smaller price)

These scrolls give a lot of stats in general and are definitely worth upgrading. Some general guidelines:

- If you are a just a new player then don't worry about them, make them all level 2 or level 3 and then slowly upgrade with all the other power features.

- If you are a smaller-power player and already have mid-level in your other power features then consider making these scrolls level 5-8 (depending on your other power features)

- If you are a high-power player who already has good level of all power features (for example level 7-8 ninja assist) then I'd go for level 9-11 scrolls and then back to focusing on some other power features

- If you are a super high-power player who already has great level of all power features (for example level 9-10 ninja assist) then I'd go for level 14-17 of these scrolls and it might be more worth getting all your ninja assist to level 10-11 rather than going for 17+ secret scrolls

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