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best prizes and points exchanges in the ¨fireworks¨ event


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  • Hello,
    It's important to note that these versions of the game are somewhat different and have different atmospheres. Prizes in one event don't necessarily carry over 1:1 to another event. We have things they do not and they have things we do not. It's not an easy direct comparison.

    However, as for your suggestion, it sounds like you're wanting better ninjas in the Fireworks Festival event, is that correct? Did you want just general ninjas, or did you have some specific ninjas in mind? You mentioned a ninja named "Madara Reunion de Kages". Can you tell me the English name of that ninja?


So meaning EN server is selfish that's it LOL
We love the game but you love the money :D
Say what ever you want the game is great but you guys *s thats all byyeeee

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