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[ Other ] Jiburiru and other moderators 2: electric boogaloo


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Hello, thank you guys for reporting any comments that directly violate the forum rules, especially those with malicious links. Due to this section being mainly for bugs and suggestions, I will have to lock this thread, but thank you for bringing up the topic of the response time on the reported comments, I will be discussing this with other moderators. I have also already discussed the censoring of posts, and this is indeed a topic of discussion that will be continuing. But for now, please just remember that the moderators of each section are intended to censor any malicious material, such as those links, or anything that is directly countering the forum rules. Some countries around the world have strong beliefs in "Freedom of Speech", while others have far stricter beliefs. Each section on the forum has vastly different uses and rules, and while I might allow threads such as this to exist, other sections have no obligation to leave it open, nor are they allowed to leave it open, as the intentions behind such a post are in short... derogatory. I allow these posts on this section due to my personal belief that everyone should be able to report a moderator, and they should feel like their voice is heard, even if the claims are outlandish, which I am not saying these claims are outlandish, just stating a theoretical. I have taken this post, and the previous ones, and discussed it with my manager, as well as other moderators, and will continue to do so, however, due to the nature of the replies on these posts, they will not be remaining open for as long as we have allowed this one to be. If you wish to discuss this specific case any further, please PM me here or on discord, tmotoki#4116 , you c*so find me on the official discord server. We can discuss it further there, and remember, if you choose to PM me here, after a couple of messages the forum will force a friend request to continue messaging.

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