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[ Other ] Jiburiru and other moderators 2: electric boogaloo


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The previous linked thread was closed due to inactivity. I waited for a response from the original poster and never received one, then eventually (fairly recently, I believe) closed the thread due to inactivity. I usually close threads due to inactivity after about two to four weeks so that old threads cannot be revived.

In regards to the second screenshot, please let me know where that active link is so that I can close it down. We don't condone that kind of link on the forum, and I will take steps to close it down immediately if you can let me know where it is. Thank you!

As for the your more general topic of being upset with admins in general, I do see that you are upset, but I must remind you that the theme of this particular subforum is "bugs and suggestions." So unless you have a bug or support issue you need assistance with or have a suggestion you'd like to make, then you are off-topic and I must kindly relegate you to a different sub-forum. Talking about general topics would probably most likely be handled in the General subforum. Once we handle the issue of that active link, I will most likely close down this thread.

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