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[ Other ] Jiburiru and other moderators 2: electric boogaloo


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Jiburiru is completely unprofessional and keeps embarrassing him/herself.

These p0rn links can stay but calling out their bullsh1t gets deleted in seconds. Oh well, he/she has to live with that. We are just spectators to this disaster.

My last comment here got deleted in seconds. Check it out if you are interested. (Web archive)

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The mere fact that players are forced to come to this section (Bugs & Support) to not get deleted / censored and voice their concerns, because mods like you are professional and actually do their job right, should be an indication of the situation in the "General Discussion" section.

You are asking us to go to delete-land (General discussion) and complain that our posts get deleted if they have the slightest criticism or opinion, no matter how polite or well articulated it is. It is silly, because that very thread, would get deleted in 10 seconds. Players wouldn't post in the wrong section if that was possible.

It is clear that Jiburiru ether has orders to delete and censor anything resembling criticism, player concerns or opinions that conflict their own, or simply he/she abuses his/her power as a moderator. I want to believe the latter is happening and he/she is simply unprofessional and unfit for mod because otherwise it's a bad look for the company.


My apologies for posting in the wrong section, and taking your time from solving other matters. I am muted and censored in what would be the correct place to post this.

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