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Naruto's Birthday - Fanfic Event


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Make Your Own Naruto Event

UID - 300028710712714

Server - S1418 Love's Roar | NY

IGN - FireDance

Naruto Uzumaki: Christmas


naruto christmas on Tumblr

Mystery - Mistletoe Barrage (Prompt)(Nin + Tai):. Deals undodgeable damage to the selected unit, 5 combo, interrupt, no cheating (get it XD), and low float. If the selected unit is already suffering from no cheating, this skill hits 3 units causing interrupt, low float, and irremovable no cheating that neglects immunity and cannot be removed, for one round

Chakra Cost: 20
BCD - 1
CD - 2

Standard - Sake Splash (Nin): Hits a random row of units causing no cheating. Has a chance of causing repulse and irremovable no cheating

Chase 1 - Present Boom (Nin): Triggered by 10 combo, deals damage and ignite to 4 units on the opponent's team. Reduces mystery cooldown by 1

Chase 2 - Ornament Drop (Tai): Chases and attacks a low floated unit, causes knockdown, and recovers 50% of the damage done

Passive 1 - Bells of Joy: At the start of the battle, all Konoha-tagged units in your lineup will receive a 40% increase to combo rate and a 20% increase to ninjutsu. Lasts 3 rounds

Passive 2 - Christmas Spirit: Whenever this unit triggers a chase attack, increase taijutsu and ninjutsu stat of this unit by 10%

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"Make Your Own Naruto/Skill Break Naruto" event

Region: HK

Server: S385-Itami

IGN: Itami

UID: 200000099874729

Menma [Nine Masks Awakening]


Attributes: Konoha, Jinchuriiki, Uzumaki Clan, Wind, Male

Recruitable at 3 stars

Mystery: Northern and Southern Sage Binding [Prompt]

[Nin] Deals unavoidable ninjutsu damage to 4 units in the opponent's team, causing 5 combos and suppression of immunity to debuffs. The selected unit will suffer from irremovable fear and knockdown.

Battle Cooldown: 0 Round Cooldown: 2 Chakra Cost:40

Standard Attack: Nine Mask Release: Kinja

[Tai] Releases Kinja and attacks 4 to 6 random units in the opponent's team, causing 4 combos and has a fixed chance of causing knockdown and fear to 1 random unit.

Chase: Celestial Maiden Whip

[Tai][Nin] Chases and attacks a knocked-down unit, causing irremovable fear and repulse. If the target is already suffering from fear, this skill causes irremovable immobile for 1 round instead. This skill never misses.

Chase: Shinigami Sickle Dance

[Nin] Triggered with at least 20 combos, causes damage to 4 random units in the field and all enemy units suffering from fear and absorbs 10 chakra points per unit hit. This skill becomes unavoidable to units suffering from fear.

Passive: Nine Masked Beast Retrieval

[Nin] Whenever this unit receives lethal damage, Menma immediately recalls all his masked beasts, recovering 80% of his max hp and entering explosive mode for the rest of the battle. During explosive mode, Menma gains a new set of skills. This can be only triggered once per battle

Explosive Mode

Mystery: Great Spiralling Fear Wheel

[Tai][Nin] Deals heavy Ninjutsu and Taijutsu damage to all enemy units in the field and causes knockdown to a selected unit. This skill is immune to interruption

Battle Cooldown: N/A Round Cooldown: 3 Chakra Cost: 0

Standard Attack: Spiralling Fear Wheel

[Tai][Nin] Attacks the enemy unit with the lowest hp and has a high chance of causing 10 combos and fear. Ignores clones and summons [Except Kages resurrected by Orochimaru]

Passive: Dark Nine Tails Jinchuriiki

[Nin] Menma becomes immune to debuffs and gains a 3% ninjutsu and taijutsu increase for every living unit in the field. The damage that Menma receives during explosive mode is also increased by 30%.

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"Make Your Own Naruto/Skill Break Naruto" event

Region: UK

Server ID: S1496 Bandage Attack

UID: 200000096746262

In-game name: Pothkan


New Ninja: Menma Uzumaki

Attributes: Male, Jinchuriki, Uzumaki Clan, Hidden Jutsu

Element: Wind

Recruitable: 3 stars

Mystery: Great Rasen Ring | [Prompt] [Taijutsu + Ninjutsu]: Menma causes unavoidable damage, Low Float and Slowdown to 4 ninjas in opponent's field till the end of the round and Super Poison to the selected target for 2 rounds.

Chakra Cost: 40 Battlefield CD: 1 round Cooldown Time: 2 rounds

Standard: Rasen Ring | [Taijutsu]: Menma clears all debuffs of two ninjas affected by most debuffs before he attacks up to 4 ninjas in opponent's lineup. Attacks up to 4 ninjas in opponent's lineup, has high chances of causing Low Float and Paralysis. For each ninja in opponent's lineup that is killed by Rasen Ring, Menma gains an extra standard attack.

Chase: Repulsive Force | [Taijutsu]: Chases Low Float, causes Repulse and Blindness to a random unit in opponent's field. Can be triggered twice per round.

Passive 1: World in Reverse | [Ninjutsu]: Whenever Menma gets attacked for the first time in the round, damage of all ninjas in your lineup to ninjas with Konoha attribute increases by 4%. That passive can be triggered once each round, stacks up to 5 times overall.

Passive 2: Divine Beasts' Mantra | [Taijutsu + Ninjutsu]: Before the start of every round, Menma summons one random Masked Beast out of three Masked Beasts and the summon executes its own skill once per round.

Description of Masked Beasts' skills: Hokuto and Nanto Sennins cause irremovable ignition to two random units in opponent's field. Seiryū decreases the first mystery's damage your all ninjas will get hit with by 55%. Tennyo increases Ninjutsu of all ninjas in your lineup by 4% and decreases 5% Defense and Resistance of 3 ninjas in opponent's field (stackable).

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‘’Preparing Naruto’s Birthday’’ Fanfiction event

Server ID: 26 (HK-Kisame)

In game name: Afrocado

UID: 200000084421160

As I woke up this morning.. Remembering the journey I took to Land of the Winds to invite Gaara-sama, Naruto-sama's best friend. It was such an arduous journey however it was worth it as I started to wash up and prepare my outfit for today.. It is Naruto-sama's birthday. While travelling alone to land of the wind, it was a mission that I have gladly accepted. To ensure my mentor, Naruto-sama will be surprised by the secret party we are preparing for him. Along the way we have to pass by an old akatsuki hideout that has been abandoned ever since Naruto defeated their leader, Pain. It was horrible that day.. I vaguely remember as we got invaded and everything was a mess. We were quickly *ed to the safe house by the chunins. Yet Naruto-sama managed to win and came back as a Hero of our village. I was so inspired and admired him a lot.

After a few days, finally I have reached the Land of the winds, Gaara-sama was waiting for me back in his office. The look on his face, was a precious one as he looks really excited to celebrate Naruto-sama birthday. Gaara-sama was very delicate too, he seems like a nice person. No wonder Naruto-sama and him are like best friends. He has prepare something really cool for Naruto-same and he wants me to bring it back to Konoha carefully and make sure it does not topple along the way. Asking me to go ahead first as I may take some time. Seeing how it is precious gift, I gave my word and affirmed Gaara-sama that I will do my very best.

As I set out back to Konoha slowly.. I passed by the old Akatsuki hideout.. however something is different this time.. There is a group of nins. I can sense them hiding behind the trees. Three? No.. four of them in total. *Swishh* A kunai flew past my ears, giving a slight cut as I was caught off-guard from the surprised attack. I quickly intuitively protect the gift with my arms.. "WHO IS THERE.." I shouted. "Hehe, time to run away coward. Leave the item there or you shall die.." a voice emerged out from one of the tress surrounding me. Knowing it is a precious gift I can not give it up. I must fight them.. I must make sure this gift reaches to Naruto-sama.. It is that precious.. Thoughts started to flow in my head. "NO!" I replied. "THIS IS A PRECIOUS GIFT. IT IS NOT FOR YOU!". What have I done.. I am just graduated and pass the chunin exam.. These guys are definitely stronger than me.. Especially when they attack a single person in this long road.. "Die you shall.. the box is ours!!" As they fly out of their cover and swarm towards me, I only pray and hope somebody can save me.. I must protect this gift at all cost, but I cannot fully utilized my skills when I have to protect the box..

As the moment pass, I can sense and see a overlying shadow over the whole area.. Something is in the air.. "Sand Rain.." muttered by someone familiar. Followed by a loud crushing sound.. "ARGHH!!" suddenly.. all the the ninjas that flew out from the tress are all on the floor struggling, bleeding.. Before long, unconscious from their bleeding.. "Are you ok?." a voice from behind me.. I realized it is Gaara-sama. He has caught up with me and took the bandits out. Thank goodness for Gaara-sama..

With tears in my eyes, I thanked Gaara-sama and we head back to Konoha together as he told me stories of how Naruto-sama used to save him from loneliness and became his very first friends. I was so touched by the story and want to hear more about both of them. How they went through the whole 4th Ninja War.. but as time passes by, soon we reached the entrance of Konoha. "Next time, I tell you more once you grow up and become a more fine ninja.." Gaara-sama said as we walk towards Hokage office.


As we waited at the office door, I was really nervous. Hinata-sama and Boruto and Himawari came together then Gaara-sama said to open the box and get ready.. What can it be in the box that Gaara-sama was really excited about.. Upon opening the box, I see a really beautiful baked birthday cake!! One of the nicest I have seen. Thankfully it was not destroyed by those bandits. It is definitely precious.. As we enter the office, we see Shikamaru-sama and Sakura-sama and even 6th Hokage Kakashi-sama. "Surprise Naruto!!" as all of us exclaimed!! Naruto stare in the space and has a blank expression? "It is my birthday today?".. he said. "Oh my Naruto-sama, yes it is!! You are so busy till you forgot today is your birthday!!" I exclaimed. We had a good time, eating the cakes and enjoy more story time. A short break deserved for our Naruto-sama..


It has been close to 22 years since I knew Naruto-sama and he finally became what he always says.. A Hokage whom everybody will respect and acknowledged.

And I also help to take photo for Naruto-sama and Gaara-sama afterwards.. Hehe.


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Server ID: S1272 (UK)

Ign: Eszti

UID: 300047080494679

The mission to the Land of the Wind...

As I’m laying on my back in my bed, sunlight is hitting my face, pulling me out of my dream. I’m annoyed… did I forget to close the curtains before going to bed? I want to roll over but I’m so tired… Still half asleep I’m trying to give in to the temptation but the October sun relentlessly pierces through my closed eyelids and won’t let me rest. I open my eyes and look up to see the beams of light shining through the leaves. Oh, that’s right, I’m not in my bed at all. „I’m sleeping under a tree.” This single thought is all my mind can produce in its fuzzy, numb state. Nothing particularly interesting, pretty common during missions away from the village to take a quick nap under a tree. „I’m sleepy”. That’s not even a thought, just how I am. I stare at the leaves and the sky with an empty mind until I notice the clouds approaching from the west. From the west, where the ocean is. That’s where I was born, 22 years ago, in a small fishing village on the shores of the Country of Fire. Around here the wind always comes from the west. Sometimes I feel like it brings the smell of the Sea – the smell of home - to me. I’m probably imagining it – I chuckle to myself every time I think about that - it’s impossible hundreds of kilometers from the shore, in Konohagakure, where I live now. But one thing the winds do bring us from the sea: fat, dark clouds, that get tired from their long journeys and bless (or curse) us with their burden. „It’s gonna rain soon…” By the time my sluggish mind manages to create this yet another brilliant thought, I can already hear the raindrops falling on the leaves. A few droplets reach me, and I can feel them trickle down my face. It’s getting cold and the rain is starting to get heavier. „I’m gonna get wet if I stay here.” I raise my arm and look at my right hand. I watch the droplets of rain hitting it then running down to my elbow. I watch the clean, cold water, mixing with the red and hot blood on my hands. It’s almost surreal. „I’m bleeding.” I recognize this as a fact. Not particularly feeling any way about it. It doesn’t hurt my mind just as it doesn’t hurt my body. Not anymore. I don’t feel a thing. „I failed.” -the thought suddenly pierces my mind like a sharp blade. I turn my head to the side and look at the road. There he lies, a few meters away, in a pool of blood. I know he’s dead, he was dead the second the bandit’s kunai pierced his heart. What was his name again? I’m trying to think hard, but I cannot remember. „Isida? Isao?” I only met him yesterday, when the mission was assigned to us. „The mission!” I touch my flak jacket and feel the pocket inside is empty. The ornate scroll with the stamp of Lord Hokage himself – an invitation for Lord Kazekage to Uzumaki Naruto’s birthday party – is gone. The bandits took it. They were stronger than regular bandits. Rogue ninjas probably.. „I failed.” It’s cold. I know it’s not just the chilly October rain. I’m losing blood. I couldn’t feel my legs since the attack, and blood is seeping from the hole on my chest. „I’m going to die.” I’m thinking, oddly calmly. Not even the Fifth Hokage could save my life now. Soon I’ll join my teammate (Isamu? Ichiro?) in the afterlife. The bandits saw my wounds and left me here to die. They ambushed us on our way to the Land of the Wind, and we were defeated before we’d even realize the danger. „I failed.” Where’s the other one? Emiko. At least I remember her name... I can’t see her. They probably took her with them while I was out. They’ll demand a ransom in exchange for her life. I hope that’s all they want from her. „I failed.” I failed. On my very first mission leading a team as a Chuunin. Over the years I was forced to accept that I’m not as talented, not as strong as others. I became Chuunin while some of my friends have already been Jonins for years. Uzumaki Naruto. I was supposed to help with his birthday. He’s younger than me but he’s the hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War. The saviour of Konoha. No, the saviour of the entire world! And I couldn’t even keep the two Genins entrusted to my command safe. I couldn’t complete the mission. „I failed.” The thought baangs in my skull like a hammer. I look at my dead teammate. „Itsuro!” – I suddenly remembered! Tears fill my eyes. A genin, a young boy, only 16 years old. A kid. Why do we send kids on dangerous missions anyway? Ridiculous! Though this one wasn’t supposed to be dangerous either... But I still failed. I failed. I failed the mission. I failed to even protect my comrades. I’m sorry Hokage-sama! I’m sorry Itsuro-kun! I’m sorry Emiko-chan! I’m sorry Father, I’m sorry Mother, I couldn’t become a great ninja as I wanted and as you hoped! I failed… It’s getting dark and cold… I look up at the cloudy sky once again. Rain is pouring on me. It washes away my blood, but it won’t wash away my failures, my sins. I feel my consciousness slowly fading away… Only one thought fills my mind. I failed. I FAILED.


(a few days later)

Naruto laughs and blöws the candles on his birthday cake out, while everyone is cheering.


It’s a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a party in the gardens of the village. Naruto looks around him

„I’m glad everyone is here, thank you all for coming!” – all his friends came to the party… even Sasuke is standing in a corner looking over at him with an enigmatic look on his face. Sakura is standing close to him, she looks at Naruto too, but her gaze wanders to her side often... Naruto notices this but his mind becomes empty when the blushing Hinata plants a little kiss on his cheek.

„I wonder how the cake tastes, let’s slice it!” – says Naruto.

„Maybe it’s ramen flavoured?” – giggled Hinata.

„REALLY?!” - his eyes light up brighter than the candles were.

„No!.. That would be weird…”

Everyone laughs…

Hatake Kakashi laughs with the crowd, then after wishing happy birthday to Naruto excuses himself from the party. He’s the Hokage now after all, a busy man. He leaves the garden and the smile quickly disappears from his eyes.

„He doesn’t have to know. It’s better if no one knows what this party really cost us.”

His face reflects sheer determination.

„… and now, we’ll deal with those bandits!”

In loving memory of all the nameless heroes of Konoha, who fought against the inhumane monsters of our times with shurikens and kunais, in their uniform Chuunin vests and indistinguishable character designs! You are the true heroes!


What a Naruto-themed birthday should look like? Obviously an orange-black cake with candy "Narutos" on the side and rasengans on top. Decorations with pics of your fav characters is also a must. Don't expect life-size Kurama plushie tho... mom and dad don't have that kind of money.


Writer’s note: Thanks for suffering through this! I apologize for my terrible English, it’s not my first language and I often struggled to find the right words and expressions. And… so yeah, it’s not a cheery story, but you know what? Life isn’t always cheery, and I’m sure with all things going on in the world RN many of us had bad birthdays… I know, I know, I need therapy, thanks for the advice!

What I’m worse at - writing or drawing? I’ll let you decide! I tried my best tho, and worked hard on the picture… I take credit for everything (DM me for tips on how to create masterpieces in Paint 3D), except the rasengan decorations on the cake and the faces obviously, I nabbed them from the internet. I hope I didn’t break the rule, but if I did, I apologize!

Edit: added a few typos to trick the overly zealous forum bot, it censors normal words

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Fanfiction event
Server ID: 1369
In game name: 藍馬雪鳥
UID: 300004908471724

It wasn't specified who "you" needs to be, so I took some liberty. Hope you don't mind~ :)


Google Doc link

The link was unfortunately censored, no matter how I tried I couldn't get rid of it.

Please paste these two together:


Attached please find the photo Gaara took with his instant camera


And a close up picture of the cake in the story


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IGN- 水中飄



I run through the Land of Fire forest in breakneck speed. My mission is simple: travel to the Land of Wind to invite Gaara to participate in Naruto’s birthday party.

I feel honoured the Hokage selected me in all of Anbu even though it’s my first mission. It’s because of my speed, as she was drunk for two days, and there really isn’t much time left at the time she regained enough of her senses to give the mission… She then personally tasked me to buy a birthday cake from the Sand Village because all cake shops in the village are unfortunately closed at the moment.

The mission is simple, but I don’t dare to let my guard down, because of the worrying reminder the Hokage gave me right before I began my journey: beware of bandits aiming to ruin Naruto’s birthday.

I am extremely thankful to that warning, because I pay extra attention to the surrounding, and notice a very thin trip wire ahead. I successful avoided getting tripped, but am not so lucky when a fire style jutsu appear in front of me. I dodge, but only barely, part of my jacket burns. Annoyed, I stop and frantically clap my jacket to stifle the flame.

When the fire is finally put out, I prepare to continue my journey. There’s no point wasting time on those bandits. But I hear them laughing behind me, “ha ha ha, go on. We’ve already succeed in ruining Naruto’s birthday! You’re out of money now!” Shocked, I check my pocket, and realize that all the money I bought was burnt to ash. “We especially wrecked all the cake shops in the Leaf Village so that you will need to buy a cake from another village! Ha ha ha!”

Oh crap. I am going to fail my very first mission. Just when I consider about begging for money when I reach the Sane Village, I notice the two bandits looking somewhat familiar. Ah, they are A rank criminals from the bingo book. Their very self is the cash I need! I chuckle softly to myself, and throw several kunai at them.

“What terrible aim! Is this the quality of the Leaf ninja nowadays?” One of the bandits laughs, but then gape when I suddenly appear behind his comrade and knock him out. I grin at him, “I wasn’t trying to hit you at all, because those aren’t ordinary kunai.” Then I used Flying Thunder God to teleport towards him and knock him out as well.

I am especially tired when I reach the Sand Village because of the two additional body weight on my back, but I manage to reach my destination on time, collect the bounty for the bandits, buy the cake, and deliver the invitation letter.

Gaara accepts the invitation and prepares to leave, but when he notices my fatigue, he nicely tells me that he can go to the party by himself and I should rest in the Sand Village for several days. Therefore I handed him the cake I bought and see him off in the hotel room he nicely rented for me.


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In Game Name: Iris

UID: 200000090087544

My Server: S154 - Ninja Monkey

My Server Region: UK

‘’Preparing Naruto’s Birthday’’ Fanfiction event

**********Hokage's office***********

Knock knock.

"You summoned me, Lord Hokage?"

Person sitting behind huge desk with bunch of papers, books and scrolls raised it's head to look at me and gently smiled. He started searching for something in that mess.

"I did. There is important mission and I want you to take care of it. Not much time left so you have to be fast. Where did I left that thing...?! Finally. Take this and let me know do you have any questions." he said while offering me one piece of paper and scroll.

But not just any scroll, some kind of ceremonial scroll. Important mission, huh? Well, this scroll itself is worth nice amount of silver coins, that's for sure, but it's not that important to hire jonin to take care for it, right? Not like top secret information is hidden in it for sure, this type of scroll is used for events. Time to look at paper. Village Hidden in Sand? Kazekage-sama? Wait, what's day today......bloody hell, I forgot. I completely forgot. I was supposed to search for gift whole day yesterday, didn't expect I'll be so tired from last mission and pass out.......Wait.........

"This is invitaton, isn't it? Why this isn't send before?! I though Sai and Yamato took care of this last week!"

"Well, they forgot on Gaara. Somehow." he said while rolling his eyes. "Listen, I know you are tired still from last mission, but clock is ticking. Party is in few days, trip itself until there is long. I can't leave this to genins, they are too clumsy and slow. Some Chunins and part of Jonins are send on different missions outside Village, while the rest of Chunins are watching over genins. Other part of Jonins are organizating everything and taking care of security. Don't tell me you would call ANBU for this?". Those eyes literally mocked me to counter his argument.

Eh, grandpa is right. Calling ANBU because you forgot on one of Kages and personal friend of birthday boy....Old man knows he won, he is not taking of that smile. It was my time to roll eyes, take bow and leave. "I want bonus on the end of this month, got it?!" I shouted on my way out of room. Of course he is laughing, it's not him running left and right for several weeks in row.

Backpack, scroll, some food and water, money, all weapons't think I forgot anything. Time to run. Again. Eh.......* I need to buy gift....... Hm, maybe I can find gift during trip. Crap, I still can't believe i forgot on his birthday. YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, RUN!

***********Land of Fire Forest*************

Bloody hell again, how big is this forest?! I should already leave it behind. I crossed this river before 2 hours!!! The hell is going on?! Wait a second, why is so quite, where are animals? Air is circulating...and sound.....kunai from 4 O'clock! Pew, that was too close. Alright, time to admit, I'm under genjutsu. But where is enemy and when the hell I fell under one?

Sudnelly shriek of eagle rang in my ears. Ouch. "Washi, I love you, but can you be little bit more gentle next time?!" Bird looked at me like it's my fault for forcing it to use Kai on me. "Alright, I owe you."

"Took you a while to figure it out, huh?"

2 O'clock, more kunais. "FLY!"

Neutralizing those wasn't hard, but air is circulating again. Something is coming. Not something, someone.

Kunais crossed and in front of me was male. Have to push him back and take better look. He can't be older than 45. All cloth is civilian, no visible tattoos or marks at him. And he is not alone..... 2 behind him, another 2 on tree.......1 behind that rock....6 of them seems like.

"Congratulations on putting me under genjutsu without me noticing anything. Now will you all be so kind and get lost? You already costed me some hours of my life, I'm really in rush."

"Sure. Moment you give us all you have. Weapons, backpack, money. We heard you have something worth in backpack, plan of your Village maybe? Leave it all down and you are free to go."

"Better replace your spies, you are having wrong informations."

"I guess we just can kill you and check it."

Washi made a noise from the sky. They are all big enough fools to search for him and stop obsserving me. I really don't have time to fight, let's end this fast.

"Sound Style: Dance of pain". Four of them fell on ground instanly. Another two joined when Washi started his matching jutsu. In 10 seconds they will knock out. Time to go.

They trapped me on the exit of Forset. Just to pass Canyon and Wind Desert and I'm there.

*************Ray Of Sky***************


My throat is literally hurting me, lungs are barely with any oxygen. I had to jump over several Hidden Sand ninjas, but to be honest, it's their fault. How can they be out of guard?! I can't pay attention to their shouts now, they hd mili second and wasted it. Washi is no where to be seen or heard.

Too big crowd on street, roof it is. One, two three, four, many houses i have to cross before reaching that * office?

Windows is open, i guess i'll just enter over it.

"Did you ever heard for door? Or Hollway? Knocking?" Red head was looking me without approve. Temari and Kankuro were already smiling.

"Washi came 2 minutes before me, Kazekage-sama. I really doubt you didn't have a clue I'm on my way. Take this, I have to go"

"I though I'm not invited." His face got some colour.

"Talk with Sai and Yamato about it, my Lord. Your invitation was lost during mail traffic."

"Guren was here this morning, she mentioned you and that your order is ready but you still didn't pick it yet. She opened shop down the street, i guess you can find her there. Konan Stopped by last weeek and left one gift for him, can you take it with you? I have feeling I'll forgot on it". Small purple box with note attached was in his hands.

"Thanks on reminding me. I'll deliver it. Gotta go, sorry for not respecting formalities." I didn't wait to hear his answer, just went out same way I entered. Gotta hurry and pick his gift I ordered months ago. Sybling of First Hokage's Necklase. I really hope he will like it.

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It's winners time!

The winners for the first event, Making Your Own Naruto/Breakthrough Naruto are:




Consolation Prizes will be sent to Caesar27 and Jisho

The winners for the second event, Celebrating Naruto's Birthday are:




Consolation Prizes will be sent to Afrocado and DuckFan Flow

Congratulations to everyone who won! and to those who didn't, don't get demotivated! There are more events planned for the future :)

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