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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion: Stop game runners from nerfing events


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As title, the suggestion is to convince the game runners to stop nerfing events.

It is understandable that the grind is grueling to keep content from "running out." However, nerfing events, or increasing requirements/prices to redeem valuables, even if slightly, over time keeps players from playing those events. For example, some events (like balloons) take a full event week to get a single redeemable item and even then, the player may not have enough points to get the desired item. What this means is that if someone misses a day, there is no point in completing that event. In the future, the player may opt to not do the event at all.

If the idea is to extract more money from paying players, this backfires as well. I'm a spender and the prices and points required for some of the items in the game simply aren't worth it. This is moreso over time with the sneaky nerfs and increased prices. The game runners, especially for the EN/NY region do not keep up with new content (not including "new" ninjas) or bug fixes enough to justify the prices quite frankly.

There is also no need to worry about stretching game life. There are enough power systems and ninjas to collect to keep things going. I'm a pretty strong player and my position 1 isn't even finished, let alone my other positions and I've been playing for over 2 years on my latest account.

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion. Certain events are made very difficult to participate in with no coupons put into them, but when spending into them are made much more reasonable. I understand the frustration, if there are any particular changes or alterations to certain events or their rewards, please let me know and I can input them for you.

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