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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 30th of September


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  • AustinIñf On 2021-09-30 21:06:32
  • "All information present in the game is the final and correct information."

    Just because of this sentence, there's nothing you can do. It clearly implies that the information we get on Wednesday is just a "maybe".

And you know there many country like canada have law that are "maybe" information are mostly illegal. If the company make a error on a item price, it's there error. They have some choice after, but they need to pay for the mistake not just said we're sorry.

The best exemple i see was a case where the company offer diamanty jewelry for a great price. When people arrive to the market, there was only 100 of them but thousand of people show up. The company was force to offer the diamant jewelry to any personne that show up at the same price. That cost the company a huge a amount of money because here, if you announce a item and there a limited amount of them in the shop, it's need to be announce. If it's not show in the advertising, they need to pay for the error.

Here they said a "item" should be in sell at X date, Or only some hours before the "sell" begin they change the info for a other thing. For sure it's illegal without compensation. Here it's against the law because you attempt to attract or ,for the situation, insiste people to pay a amount of money without giving what they was expecting.

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