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Fire main too op


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I m playing on a new server. Like eevryone else, i use hashirama new year. When i meet a fire main i have no chance... Mirror Reflect is too op! . What can i do ? What ninja should i use ? I play as lightning, i tried to use lightning armor ( nothing ), i tried kabuto, again.. no chance.

I will try NO hashirama mistery+ chidori blade + sakura for healing + sasuke or kimimaro pos1

Any advice is welcome

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it can be countered by another mirror skill or all your ninjas are immune to debuffs then mirror won't work on you.

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Use Rin, Hashi, Fm and someone else. With mirror reflect of yourself, that way you have a chance of it going on hashi (Who is Immune) Or your two other ninja, that way rin has a chance of healing

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I will be honest, i don't really remember, what free toons they give you in the beginning, but:

Countering the reflection isn't that hard, you just need to use 1 skill or chase with any debuff, then use Hashirama's ult on your target.

You are on a new server, so I understand that your moonscrolls needed for power items, but getting Edo Nagato isn't a bad thing either. He is expensive, but a really annoying ninja. Especially when you are able to trial him.

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LM is actaully strong against FM use the Root of Warrior skill immune to debuff for the first three turns!!!

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the cheapest and easiest and "fastest" you can get is normal kurenai and if you skill break her she can be prty good for free, i mean literal free not given ninja

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