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[ Lineup ] Theme Arena Unlimited Battle2


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Hey guys!

So for those who don't know: in Unlimited Battle theme arena you are allowed to use more version of the same name ninja (like 3x Madara , 3x Naruto etc)

I will just share some ideas and suggestions here


So you could make some combination with different Hashirama's (they are all strong and can even buff each other)

And Killer Bee 8 Tails + Seven Swords can make a great combo too


A lot of different Madara's that could be used together (I guess except the kid one)

You can combine Edo Tensei with 10 Tails Jinchuriki


This isn't such a popular ninja to use but it works, considering normal Shisui can buff the other 2 Shisui's


Sasuke is also a nice option. Especially Rinne and Ronin


Of course Obito is one of the best choices since there's many of good Obitos


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