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Madara Edo release


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Hello boys, how does this skill (barrier) of Edo Madara works? Is it by ini as a whole team, or Ini does not matter, or? Thanks.

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Seems like it would be the same as all barriers. That depends on pos of ninja 1st, then ini of the ninja 2nd.

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Unfortunately if you verse another Madara, the team with less initiative is gonna have the barrier which is utterly bad, but if you are asking which barrier is gonna cast first if theres only 1 Madara on the field and someone has Danzo for an instance, then Madara is casting last, Madara will always have his barrier no matter what.

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Ye, that was my question indeed, Indra. I have better ini, i run with Shisui and Marada used his barrier. Seems like Marada is a must get ninja. Thank you for the answers!

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