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[ Lineup ] Infinite Illusion Chase lineup


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hey guys!

Presenting you a great chase-based lineup for Infinite Illusion event.

It can basically be used with any main but Lightning Main might be the best choice for his 10 round lasting anbu tactics buff (and you need it in later rounds when your pos1 becomes insanely strong)


You can just leave it on auto but if you want the best results try to use your Lightning Main mystery before anything else

The team is insane because it does like 20 chases a round and your pos1 gets a big damage buff by each chase he does so he becomes really strong.

Make sure you use the 50% more chase damage for your ninja assist card

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  • Akainue On 2021-09-26 20:21:50
  • what would be the best changes if you don't have the season system ninjas ?

Basically any ninja that gets stronger through chases would be great as a pos1 replacement (even better if they have 2 chases)

It's hard to replace the whole team though, not many chase damage ninjas in the game so far

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