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[ Suggestions ] Might Guy [Final Gate]


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  • kolyaflash2609@ On 2021-09-26 09:09:53
  • Naruto and Sasuke at the peak of their powers, caused Madara several times less damage than Guy(8 gates),they could not kill him 2nd at the maximum!It is not written anywhere that Madara was just playing with Guy.It is unlikely that Madara could have done anything against him until Guy fell himself.We start from what we saw in the anime,and everything was clearly visible and clear there.

Can't win vs fanboy mentality I guess. Guy is same tier of overrating like Itachi community. He is literally nothing compared 10T Madara or Naruto and many other characters.

Naruto with boil release has better taijutsu than Guy who has nothing else on top of every other 6 path *s abilities and shadow clone kurama avatars etc like are you guys legit for real? Guy vs Naruto would be as close as 5kage vs Madara that's how big power difference there is.

Guy vs Madara fight has to be some IQ check for real. Dude could use Limbo (which destroyed all tail beasts from base madara few episodes ago) anytime to K.O. Guy and that's it but that would not be a cool way to end Guy's shinobi life so the episode was hyping him entire time but from cold logic and fact point of few Madara was able to win the fight anytime he wanted and he did in the end.

I will tell you more. Madara didn't have to use single jutsu to kill guy. Guy basicly did nothing in the end to Madara [he was fine after taking night guy and regenerated so guy did 0 damage] and killed himself with 8gates side effect. Result was pathetic like dragon ball Chaozu attempt to kill Nappa. Totally useless effort just packed in a cool episode that made guy look good.

Naruto > Guy end of topic here.

PS Madara vs Naruto and Sasuke was full try hard mode, dropping limbo left and right, sage style shadow jutsus and multiple chibaku tenseis that any of those techniques would 1 shot 8th gate guy. You are completly blind to any logic pure delusional guy fanboy mentality

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  • Keyflash On 2021-09-26 06:43:19
  • I was hoping that you are trolling but you are actually serious oh boy... i could drop essay why Guy is not even close in power to Naruto (like legit Naruto is multiple times more powerful than 8th Gate Guy to the point that Guy would not be able to do anything vs Naruto in 1vs1 fight) but it's waste of time looking by your response [it's like you ignored entire story and went with fanboy mentality]

    Just google some power scaling or check youtube. Most of the time I dont like youtube powerscalers and want to think with my own brain but you won't find anybody that thinks that 6path Naruto is weaker than 8th gate guy so in this case it works. It's not close match up at all. Naruto wins 1 out of 10 difficulty.

    Guy didn't win vs Madara, he lost this fight even tho he had support from other ninjas. Madara didn't use any offensive jutsu, He didn't use limbo that would 1 shot Guy and just played trolling / underestimating defense game for fun. How guy fanbase is looking at this fight as "guy destroying madara" is beyond my mind.

Im just gonna laugh at this comment, ''google it'' as if the dudes who made the videos are creators of the anime lmao... First of all im not a fanboy, I dont even like Guy whatsoever, but what you are saying my friend is complete false. Naruto has no way of dealing with 8th gate Guy and thats a fact, theres no way around it. He just doesnt have the power to deffend against him, truth seeking orbs arent gonna help in that fight at all. Even if Madara moved, theres no doubt about that he would take serious damage anyways. As i said, he can only try to survive until Guy's heart fades and thats it, but yet again, thats an ''if'' . You are neglecting facts and rocking with ur own theory.

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Um... So i just checked the manga (you know, the absolute canon material) aaaand yeah. Madara or Naruto, doesn't matter. With orbs, it's a win. Guy was saved against Madara by: Rock Lee, Minato, and Kakashi-Gaara duo. And yes, his final attack was a beast, but then again: Madara didn't even tried to dodge it or anything.

So yes, for me, this is the end of the debate about this fight.

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But as for me, it's you who are big fans of Madara and Naruto,who are trying in every possible way to underestimate Guy as a Ninja!Nowhere in the manga or in the anime was it said that Madara did not use attacking jutsu against Guy.In fact, Madara only did what he defended himself, then with * or with a staff.And yes,in Guy's last attack, Madara tried to cover himself with a staff,but the speed of Guy's attack,as he himself said, distorts space, so there was simply no chance for Madara to repel the attack.Also for Naruto,his speed is lower than that of Guy.And where is it written that Naruto's taijutsu is higher than Guy's?What kind of nonsense is this?

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  • ParkChaeYoung On 2021-09-25 21:27:43
  • Haha yes! By warping time and space, it makes Night Guy unavoidable. Hehe.

    As the anime, it only shows Guy VS Madara. So I am guessing Night Guy is like a sole single target special. 40% splash is something extra. Hehe.

    If I were to put 80% splash like Naruto 6p, we will have another overly powered ninja, although Might Guy is definitely OP in his final battle.

naruto is not broken because of his splash damage, he is broken because his broken scale and healing... as for guy vs naruto, at that time guy every time, people dont understand and underestimate that "final form" that's why the drawback is dying... in terms of scale from normal to form is like baryon or what's called...

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