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[ Suggestions ] Might Guy [Final Gate]


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Please do design the ninja as how it is shown above in the image, where there is red lightning streaks around his body.
No clothing cover up. While transform idle in town, spawn a red Dragon head every few seconds like how all the Susanoo and Hashi Wood statue appears.

Ninja Suggestion: Might Guy [Final Gate]

Mystery: [Death Gate - Red Vapor] Activate 8th inner gate formation and increase attack by 20%. Can launch up to 3 - 5 Standards attacks [RNG] in this round. Each attack will consume Might Guy 3%HP.

Standard Attack: [Sekizo - Evening Elephant] -Deal Taijitsu damage and 4 combos to a random horizontal row. One random unit will also suffer irremovable Flinch status until the end of the round.
[Flinch - Ninjas suffering from this status is unable to attack or chase combo and also unable to avoid chase combo from opponent but can cast Mystery]

Chase: [Hirudora - Afternoon Tiger] - Triggered with at least 30 combos, caused damage and caused slow to 3 random units in the opponent formations. This skill ignore partial defense and resistance.

Passive1: Each time Might Guy attacks, increase ATK8% and INITATIVE 0.5% (Stackable). Might Guy is immune to all debuffs and have a high chance to evade 1 attack (Mystery, Standards and Chase) each round. Additionally he has 65% chance to avoid Standard attacks.

Passive2: If Might Guy has less than 30%HP, change Mystery to [Night Guy - Flow] - Deal huge Taijutsu unavoidable damage and deal 40% splash damage 1 grid away and caused repulse to the selected unit. If the selected target has less than 50%HP, both Might Guy and selected unit will be removed entirely until the battle is over.

Hope you guys like it~

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  • kolyaflash2609@ On 2021-09-24 04:51:07
  • It seems to me that it is very weak for Guy (8 gates) to have a Secret for 3 additional attacks.The chase can be done for damage to 4 enemies(Hirudora), and weakening or lowering protection and resistance by 8-10 %.The usual attack of the Evening Elephant-hitting one enemy, also somehow weak.You can do damage in a horizontal row with repulsion or just damage to 3-4 targets and repulsion.I completely agree with passive skill # 1.Also, I would put immunity to debuffs on passive skill # 2.

Yes, it is made to be that way as his standard attacks will caused irremovable flinch status that cause the ninjas unable to attack or avoid combos. I think it will be overly powered which then F2P will not able to get him. Able to attack between 3 - 5 times, which is almost the whole team if he attack all randomly.

Agreed on the chase and standards attack, will update the skill list. Thank you for helping improve.

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  • Toadies On 2021-09-24 23:29:25
  • This is great, wow. Change evade to counter, just a suggestion.

Hmm to counter as in to return damage as it evade?

If so, Guy might be too overly powered, F2P may not be able to get him though.

Maybe I try Mabui passive counter.

Certain chance to counter any attacks, and return 5% current HP of Guy as damage.

This is to ensure not too overpowered and also how it simulate as Guy fights longer, he grows weaker in his health.

But then again it is hard to put these two passive together with the 65% chance to avoid standards..

What do you think?

Thank you for your suggestion.

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  • tylermotoki On 2021-09-25 15:09:37
  • Hello, I like the discussion that has been happening here, and the consideration of power:cost that has been considered. I will pass this suggestion along.

Thank you!!

Hope it can really be implemented and see some awesome P1 Guy action line up~

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  • Picklejuicy On 2021-09-25 18:30:31
  • My ideas/changes:

    1) Mystery: causes damage = 3% current HP (not damage for each attack, cost to guy comes later). Passive 2 mystery change here.

    2) standard attack: hits all enemies in a vertical column (across all teams), unavoidable

    3) Chase: Chase causes has chance to cause High Float.

    4) Passive 1: Guy has Lvl 2 Immunity and cannot avoid attacks. Attacks that target Guy deal only 10% of their normal damage (rather than dodging)

    5) New Passive 2: At the end of every round: Guy receives damage equal to 50% of his Max HP ignoring armor. This damage cannot be prevented.


So mystery will be like Obito Rage Mode? Cost HP to cast?

Horizontal standards seems nicer if we were to follow the Evening Elephant, creating air cannon in a straight line.

I think combo chase usually dont have a follow up chase status though but thank you.

Passive 1 seems interesting, instead of dodging but reduce dmg received. Hmm.

Passive 2 looks like a killer. 50% of max hp literally will kill Might Guy in two rounds?

Eg, 50k HP, he received 25k HP damaged at the end of first round. Leaving maybe 20k left for round 2.
Moving to round 2, wont he die by the end of it if he were to received 25k damage again since its 50% max HP.
Will this actually backfired since he wont be able to cast NightGuy mystery too..

But thank you, I will add some adjusts based on what you suggest too!

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  • The_X On 2021-09-25 20:05:25
  • bruh, as night guy, he was literally "warping time and space" around him and you give him only 40% splash hehehehe

Haha yes! By warping time and space, it makes Night Guy unavoidable. Hehe.

As the anime, it only shows Guy VS Madara. So I am guessing Night Guy is like a sole single target special. 40% splash is something extra. Hehe.

If I were to put 80% splash like Naruto 6p, we will have another overly powered ninja, although Might Guy is definitely OP in his final battle.

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