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[ Bugs ] Unable to Login (white screen)


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- Platform: (If browser, indicate what you are using; If Mini-Client, please include the version of it) Mini-Client v3.3.0.0

- Server ID: 4 Kakashi

- In-game Name: Jugodaime

- UID: (For Facebook accounts, you can find your UID on the bottom of your game interface; For Oasis Accounts, you can find it by clicking HERE): 200000083016072

- Description of the bug or issue you encountered or experiencing: Tried to run game, stuck on loading screen of pure white. tried to refresh with no change. deleted and redownload client. no change. flush DNS, no change.

- Screenshot of the error or problem:

Login Issue 9-20-21

- Operating System: Win10

- Screen Resolution: N/A

- Your Computer Time zone and your Country: CDT / USA

- Are you using VPN? No VPN

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Hello, thank you for trying the typical solutions to this. The next things to try would be restarting your pc/router. If this issue persists, you can either try logging in with a VPN, which might require using many different servers within the VPN to bypass the issue, or contacting your ISP to see if there are any issues residing between you and the game's servers.

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