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[ Bugs ] Unable to Login (white screen)


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- Platform: (If browser, indicate what you are using; If Mini-Client, please include the version of it) Mini-Client v3.3.0.0

- Server ID: 4 Kakashi

- In-game Name: Jugodaime

- UID: (For Facebook accounts, you can find your UID on the bottom of your game interface; For Oasis Accounts, you can find it by clicking HERE): 200000083016072

- Description of the bug or issue you encountered or experiencing: Tried to run game, stuck on loading screen of pure white. tried to refresh with no change. deleted and redownload client. no change. flush DNS, no change.

- Screenshot of the error or problem:

Login Issue 9-20-21

- Operating System: Win10

- Screen Resolution: N/A

- Your Computer Time zone and your Country: CDT / USA

- Are you using VPN? No VPN

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