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Naruto Froggy: Can I Still Invest? Mod Pls


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For Naruto Froggy, the "Purchase Period" is the period when you can invest/deposit/purchase the different Naruto Froggy options. Since the "Purchase Period" ended on September 15th (Period between September 9th and 15th) and today is September 18th, you would not be able to invest/deposit/purchase Naruto Froggy because the September 18th is after September 15th.

The "Deadline to Claim Rewards" is the the last day in which you can claim the rewards earned through investing/depositing/purchasing Naruto Froggy. The reason why the deadline to claim is September 21st is because it requires 6 consecutive days to claim the rewards and the purchase period ended on September 15th.

Hopefully that helps!

TLDR: "Purchase Period" has ended. You cannot purchase or invest into Naruto Froggy at the moment, you will need to wait for the next event.

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