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[ Player Guide ] 618 Spins in Shinobi Feast!


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Those are not my spins; I asked a friend if he could keep track when he was doing his spins to see the results.


Those are just assumptions, and it is not a fact!

- But most of the time you get a ninja around 1 ~ 500 spins; if you don't get it after 500 it would be wise to stop.
- Overpower Ninja Optional Pack II. He was just lucky in his opinion; but probably need to recharge a really good amount to even get it.

From what I can see, to do Shinobi Feast. It is only worth it if there is Crazy Slot Machine. However if you like Break Golden Eggs, and you need everything it offers it would not be a bad choice either to go for it. But that's only if you are a Top Spender; as it would be more wise for low spenders to go for Froggy's/Monthlies.

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