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[ Suggestions ] change how work sage for targeting opponent


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I was attempting Sage world battlefield after a long time not doing it, gaining more power to get back there and get a better chance in it, Well from all the Sage i done in the past, it's was the worst i ever play.

I begin my Sage battle with a normal opponent: a little weaker of me but got the upper hand and win. After that, i get target by one player, always going where i will spawn after i get defeat by him, dont even get the time sometime for the timer to end before i enter a new fight. After 4 fights vs him and asking to stop, dont only choice i got to stop the carnage was crashing my game and leave Sage battlefield in the same way.

How Oasis can say this sort of situation is "fun"? I'm not asking to change all stuff in the event: i know it's a event where pay to win player have the upper hand there and i understand that. What i dont understand is making a way for a player to target directly player when they already know they will win. Why not making it worth fighting. Why not making that if the player go a beat a player with a high streak, they gain more point from it? That would be more a challenge for those looking to get point.

I think that giving a second timer where the player could not get target after is respawn cooldown end would make it easier to navigate, even if that timer only apply for the last opponent: that opponent could not attack again the same player twice without targeting someone else, or just limited the number of time a player can target someone.

I'm sure i'm not alone in this situation: right now there no reason for high power player to fight each other and the only time they would do it it's when the battlefield has been clean of all other weaker one.

Making a maximum of time someone can target the same target, choosing a option like mastury where a player can move safely without getting attack, making a way where higher streak opponent would give better reward, reducing the amount of opponent a opponent would get from the same target, taking off the ranked table where you can select your opponent (why it's there in the first place)...... There a lot of option to make stop this. It's mostly the reason why pvp event are losing people: because there always someone that will make it worst for low power player.

I like the game and i would really like to enjoy that event but right now it's probably the worst one right now.

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Hello, I am sorry for your experience, you can report players harassing you in the misbehavior report, and I will be passing your suggestion along as well.

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