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[ Suggestions ] Ino's gift event reward packs


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I want to discuss current Ino's gift event rewards and tiers of this event.

This event in the past had 250 flower tier and higher 350 tier with top tier rewards such as 10T Madara frags etc. I assume you guys removed 350 tier because it would clash with Tsukuyomi rebates and lose you money. I don't mind it being gone if it's good for the future of the game and if I'm right about the reasons behind it then let's end topic around 350 tier right here.

What's really bothering me tho and few other players is 250 tier. Let's have a look at current Ino packs:

#. Ino’s Gift III (You can select one of the following rewards):

- Suigetsu [Taka Squad]*100

- Madara Uchiha[Ten-tails Jinchuriki]*20

- Jugo[Taka Squad]*100

Madara Uchiha [Founder of Konoha]*30

- Kimimaro [Halloween]*100

#. Fresh Flower Gift Pack II (You can select one of the following rewards):

- Madara Uchiha[Ten-tails Jinchuriki]*10

- Minato Namikaze[Edo Tensei]*80

- Madara Uchiha [Founder of Konoha]*20

- Suigetsu [Taka Squad]*80

- Jugo[Taka Squad]*80

as we can see rewards from Ino packs are completly outdated and i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure those packs were not updated entire year or even longer. I think it's about time something is changed.

So I would like Oasis team to:

1) Update ninja pool in Ino packs

2) Add generic power pack as option reward since many players have ninjas already and pack becomes completly worthless to them

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I have heard this numerous times and I will pass it along again.

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