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[ Player Guide ] General Information about Infinite Illusion


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Hello everyone!!

A new system has arrived to our version, Infinite Illusion.

This new system is quite complicated, yet quite simple at the same time. So I'll tell you almost all about it. The rest? you will have to test yourself.

Here's the link to my Do(c)ument, same as the Debuffs/Effects Do(c)ument, I'd prefer to work on an open space instead of this thread.


If you want to ask anything, or tell me to add or fix anything, feel free to contact me in our game's Official Discord Server. The link to it and my discord tag are all written in the Do(c)ument.

_Yujin Takara_

Sep 11th 2021

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One can say that this event has 3 stages:

1) Increased Chase damage -> you have to build your team around highest possible chase dmg (so ninjas like Kotetsu that have both scaling and super hard hitting chase are key on top of support ninjas like Genma / Ashura, Xmass Kushina or writer jirayia)

2) Increased Standard damage -> you have to build your team around highest possible standard dmg (select ninja that can drop multiple hard hitting standards or one that makes entire field with scaling clones that do the job for you like sai)

3) Increased Mystery damage -> you have to build your team around highest possible mystery dmg (Ninjas with scaling and hard hitting mystery with resets are priority like GNW temari etc)

and that's it.

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for now the writer of kotetsu genma and jiraya seems like a good cast

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