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[ Player Guide ] New Gameplay Infinite Illusion


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Hey guys!

A small thread for those who don't know about this new game mode.


So basically we will have different trials (like for example this current one where you have chase damage +100% increased) and this game mode works exactly the same as the Cat Trial. Your only goal is to deal as much damage as you can and there is basically no defense required so you c*e full offensive teams with full damage buffs.

Make sure you do it for the whole 10 rounds

You have 2 attempts daily and 1 attempt requires 10 stamina same as the cat trial

You will get some small amount of moon scrolls, ramen and bqq for completing it


But the main point of this event are not those small rewards but the ranking in which you enter and have a chance to win coupons every week.

Here is a screenshot of the event rules written in game.


So even as a rank 2000 player you can get 100 coupons which is quite nice in my opinion.

More reason to get a bit stronger increase your power and deal more damage

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