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[ Player Guide ] New Assist Ninja Kimimaro discussion


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I think main problem in this game is critical / injury damage scaling.

It's such an absurd difference in damage between non crits and crits that using Tenten for extra critical seems like best offensive and defensive card at the same time (more crit = less likely you get crited by enemy as well). So in my tierlist new Kimimaro assist is useless, only ones that are useful are imo:

1) Tenten (obvious reasons)

2) Kotetsu (For 9tails and now illusion)

3) Shisui (Can cheese spacetime sometimes with ini increase)

4) Kisame (In case you are chakra locked in ninja exams etc)

There is 1 thing that tencent didn't release yet and I hope that it never happens. Imagine same card as tenten but 20% injury increase instead

Btw someone should look at cards that have this scaling per chase, tested them (well tested jugo and suigetsu for few setups) vs kakashi and didn't notice any increase in damage. Thought it will be genius idea for Rin Sasuke since he doesn't need crit cuz of explosive mode but nah card was worthless

Maybe someone has some good strategy with other cards tho?

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