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[ Player Guide ] New Assist Ninja Kimimaro discussion


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Hey guys!

Let's talk quickly about the new Kimimaro assist card.


As you can see it gives you chase damage reduction.

Currently we don't have many defensive type of cards so if you are in need for some damage reduction or simply want to be more tanky then this card might be for you.

Some of the current defensive card involve the elemental ones which are a combination of atk/def or nin/res for a certain element which is kinda hard to use at times while this Kimimaro card is universal and works on all ninjas.

For example Gaara:


The only other pure defensive card is this Rasa card which gives 20% def/res if your ninjas have a shield


So in my opinion kimimaro is worth considering especially versus the current meta Obito, Madara ninjas who have very high chase damage

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