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[ Help ] Which Scroll to unlock ?


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Suggesting by the name ninjutsu burst is the best for those who intend to kill enemy lineup in 1/2/3 rounds, which is mine too.

I would like some that gives only nin/att/ini/crit/injury does ninjutsu burst have all of those or there is more cancer scroll??

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Burst scroll gives way more crit / injury than ninjutsu burst (burst has highest crit/injury out of all scrolls) so I would go for that one. It has less tai/nin obviously but as we know crit/injury is beyond broken in this game.

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I'm not sure about other people but in my account, my focus is on the plates Ferocity, Burst, Ninjutsu Burst, and Ninjutsu Shield. These are the plates that I maxed first before going for other plates.Thank you.

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Thanks for the replys guys, i will be unlocking my first scroll soon this was very helpful.

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Ferocity, Burst, Ninjutsu Burst, and Ninjutsu Shield - Highly recommended !!

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