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the idea of EXCLUSIVE tab is that is EXCLUSIVE not that is cheaper... the whole idea is that you as a recharging player have ACCESS to a shop that the non-charging players dont have... and for how to become a super player wasnt one or the other and NOT both? cuz if i remember correct if you recharge a minimum of 500 you have access and NO need to spend 5k.. again as far as i remember might be wrong...

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even for "p2w" is kinda.... for only 10 bucks you want discounts everywhere...

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  • ParkChaeYoung On 2021-09-12 20:43:38
  • First of all. You need to stop being toxic. As I said this is the P2W rant in the first post.

    You, yourself have even requested for summer ninjas to be back in the events and even more so, with a not so expensive points exchange.

    In a sense, a discounted price for them. Fair for all those F2P, I would not mind this as well.

    Secondly, I am just asking for the EXCLUSIVE TAB to be a better event or even better shop with more exclusive discounts given the fact I am indeed paying. Even if it is just 10 dollars, it does not harm to request for a more exclusive pricing for this shop since it still considered a P2W shop. It is not even requesting discount everywhere. What are you even trying to do here?

    So as a F2P you can request those special summer ninjas for discount while as a P2W I cannot request?
    I am willing to spend the money and I am free to request for discount too.

    What an absurd mindset and toxicity you are and have. Have a good day sir.

how am i being toxic? for not agreeing with a very bad idea? and if is a P2W rant how does it change anything? how do you know if i am a p2w or f2p? just because i post for fairness doesnt make me a f2p nor a p2w...

i asked for those ninjas because they are NO WHERE as for the price do you want to pay 20k for a semi-meme ninja? dont confuse p2w with lack of intelligence...

as i stated that in MY OPINION is a bad decision

and again you assume if i am f2p or p2w in your last point... and you say i requested those ninjas for a discount? where? where did i said for a discount, i said that i dont want to see semi-meme ninjas for 20k

the mindset you display here is toxic attacking me for simply criticizing the request... as you are free to request we the rest of the community are free to critique said request...

have a good day sir.

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