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This is a P2W rant, so please excuse me if I sounded rude or greedy but I hope to improve the lives of all P2W and supporters.
Not to increase the gap of the F2P and whale community but just to make sure we get some support and benefits too for P2W.

Firstly, any chance to reduce the pricing on SUPER EXCLUSIVE tab in Amu*t Park event?
There are item packs still costing almost 20,000 coupons to claim all for one particular packs.

1. We have to become a SUPER PLAYER by recharging minimum 500 ingot and spend 5000 ingot.

Sometime this is hard to achieve based on the events given together in the week.

2. The pricing of each items are like still almost as expensive as how it originally cost. (I do not have the full original price list)

Then this questions what is the point of being SUPER PLAYER?
Shouldn't the purpose of SUPER PLAYER is to be given some advantages? Like cheaper ingot/cp sales?

Firstly, yes this is a recharge event for P2W players like a few of us.
But it is hard to see a drastic change between the original price and this "SUPER PLAYER" price.
Yes I am biased towards getting cheaper/discounted items sales but that is the point of getting us to recharge right?
There must be some give and take.I am paying real cash cause I want more power, more items
but if after recharging but yet the items are not even on "exclusive super sales"
then it really beat the purpose of recharging and being the so called "SUPER PLAYER".


Summon - Gamariki costing 180 ingot/cp per fragment.
Total 100 = 18,000 ingot/cp
Is it cheap? From what I know Gamariki has been out for a very long time, but due to popular usage for -def/res.
It still cost quite expensive, even for the other summons too.

Cave Key Gift Pack - 1000 per pack (Hand-picked Bazaar)
Cave Key Gift Pack - 810 per pack (Super exclusive)

I do not see 200 ingot/cp cheaper to be like really SUPER PLAYER kind of deal.. It can be 500 cp/ingot per pack.
Now that is what I call exclusive. Literally 50% discount or more. Can it be more? SUPER EXCLUSIVE right? 250 per pack?
This is to break apart from those getting 50% coupons from the spins, shouldnt super exclusive tab be even more cheaper than 50%?
I may be greedy here, but I just hope the development or sales team can relook into make SUPER PLAYER really exclusive.
With better benefits, this will entice us to recharge even more to get those special discounts and etc.
Win-win for both sides.

Super Value Secret Scroll Pack - 2400 each. (Super Exclusive tab)
Consist 60 secret scroll pages and 60 mantra elixirs, gain both.

Secret Scroll Optional Pack - 220 each (Hand-picked Bazzar)
Consist of 12 secret scroll pages and 12 mantra elixirs, choose either.

If let say I purchase 5 secret scroll optional pack which adds up to 1100 cp.
I get 60 of either secret scroll page or mantra elixirs.

Comparing to 1 super value secret scroll pack, let say we divide by half to compare with the other pack.
I am spending 1200 cp, additional 100cp to get the same material.
That is not SUPER EXCLUSIVE and not a better choice to get being a SUPER PLAYER.
Do you get what I mean now? I mean of course we have to option to choose to buy or not to buy..
But this defeats the purpose of being a super player and having super exclusive tab.

Therefore, it will be great we can receive the same support from Oasis to at least give us more discounted prices for our real money donation to them..
Please relook into this event to cater to your supporters and give us more benefits and tempting offers to recharge more..
You get more money, we get better packages and more power in return. It is a win-win for both of us..

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  • tylermotoki On 2021-09-10 14:24:18
  • Hello, thank you for your suggestion, I will pass this along.

Thank you.

Although The_X has replied that the exclusive-ness could be the additional shop option
however most F2P events shop also already have similar item packs.
Which makes SUPER PLAYER tab kind of redundant.

Another example:

Summer Events has the new clothing Punk style..

It will cost a total 10,500 cp to claim full 50 frags.
105 points * 50 = 5250 points.
Each summer pack is 10 points costing 20 cp.
(5250 / 10) * 20 cp = 10,500 cp.

Whereas, Exclusive Sales is selling new clothing Punk style too.

Costing 200 cp each frag, with 50 total frags giving a total 10,000 cp.

The difference between these two is only 500cp.
Getting summer packs is better too as there are goodies that comes with it.
525 packs of goodies, that definitely worth more than 500cp.

So it will be great if we do can have the special discount or tempting offers.. Making it really a P2W shop kind.

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  • The_X On 2021-09-12 20:10:11
  • even for "p2w" is kinda.... for only 10 bucks you want discounts everywhere...

First of all. You need to stop being toxic. As I said this is the P2W rant in the first post.

You, yourself have even requested for summer ninjas to be back in the events and even more so, with a not so expensive points exchange.

In a sense, a discounted price for them. Fair for all those F2P, I would not mind this as well.

Secondly, I am just asking for the EXCLUSIVE TAB to be a better event or even better shop with more exclusive discounts given the fact I am indeed paying. Even if it is just 10 dollars, it does not harm to request for a more exclusive pricing for this shop since it still considered a P2W shop. It is not even requesting discount everywhere. What are you even trying to do here?

So as a F2P you can request those special summer ninjas for discount while as a P2W I cannot request?
I am willing to spend the money and I am free to request for discount too.

What an absurd mindset and toxicity you are and have. Have a good day sir.

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  • The_X On 2021-09-13 06:15:31
  • how am i being toxic? for not agreeing with a very bad idea? and if is a P2W rant how does it change anything? how do you know if i am a p2w or f2p? just because i post for fairness doesnt make me a f2p nor a p2w...

    i asked for those ninjas because they are NO WHERE as for the price do you want to pay 20k for a semi-meme ninja? dont confuse p2w with lack of intelligence...

    as i stated that in MY OPINION is a bad decision

    and again you assume if i am f2p or p2w in your last point... and you say i requested those ninjas for a discount? where? where did i said for a discount, i said that i dont want to see semi-meme ninjas for 20k

    the mindset you display here is toxic attacking me for simply criticizing the request... as you are free to request we the rest of the community are free to critique said request...

    have a good day sir.

Whether you are F2P or P2W does not matter here in any way.

Yes I may have be overbearing with my assumption that you are toxic and yes I am also ok to receive anybody criticized comments.

However, as the post started. I am only requesting for better price in the so called exclusive tab. 1 area only.

So please do not assume I am asking for discounts everywhere.

Whether you request for summer ninjas to be less expensive, the motion is the same as we all are players for this game.

We all want to have cheaper and inexpensive ninjas for better game play.

Sorry if I have overstep and accuse you of bad toxicity but I am just trying to make a point that I only want to see better P2W event.

Especially in the Exclusive tab, not to personally attack you.

Have a good day sir. Peace.

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