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[ Help ] Ninja attribute gains


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Is there any tabel of ninjas attribute gains. Where you can sort those who have ex. the most ninjutsu gain. ( this is balanced maybe xd ) so if some ninja has the most ninjutsu he might be lacking on all other 4 attributes little or more. ( i'm pretty sure 10T Madara and his * have more gains because this is p2w game )

I don't have Naruto 6P, but the regular Naruto has probably the most Life gain from all ninjas ( because he has 9 tails fox Life=Chakra ) dunno why obito has it ( 1hokage cells? ). And the second most grossing attribute is ninjutsu which isn't that much far away from other attributes. So if you fight Naruto ( pos 1 ) plus defensive ninja he would beat you up his clones are tanky af, but he has no or little damage and doesn't scales. While the 6P he has so much room to leech, if you don't finish him sooner he will be leeching 100% and you cannot beat him if you don't have scaling ninja or debuff remove+ignition ( or simply Indra ) or if you aren't stronger than him or his Naruto is stacked that much, it's over. And all is thanks to high Life Points.

Bee is good with Life too and others that recover Life per hit, those with 2 heals(actions) per round ( 1 from standard attack + 1 from mystery ) are good too ( kushina ).

It would be good to know which ninja has the most Ninjutsu and Resistance gain since everyone uses Naruto 6P ( standard attack is ninjutsu damage ) + ninjutsu is good with healers so i think is better to have more ninjutsu than attack. Attack maybe for Blitz teams. It could be good to find the most attack + resistance gain.

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