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Hello ninjas,

This Forum has its rules and regulations that users must follow. These rules will be in effect the moment you choose to use the Forum. Please be guided and follow the rules for you to avoid any problems from the Moderators of each section.

#. Respect each and everyone in this Forum. Do not insult anyone or use bad/foul words towards anyone in this Forum. Avoid provocations, aggressive behavior, defamation, denunciation, harassment, and/or denigration.

#. Do not talk or discuss polemic or controversial matters such as politics, religion, gore, racism, and other such topics. Write clearly and coherently so that the other users can understand your topic and use the game's language here on Forum (English Only).

#. Be tolerant and do not take the Moderator Team's place. Do not threaten other players with reports or abuse. Do not give orders to other users and act as mini-moderator. This includes usurpation of authority and acting as a Moderator of this Forum.

#. You may talk about the game and the anime franchise of the Naruto Series. However, avoid opening multiple threads with the same topic at once. Do not spam or misuse threads. Respect the established rules and topics of each section of the Forum.

#. Do not publish advertising here. This includes advertising other games, cheats, and exploits about Naruto Online, and advocating the use of third-party programs to exploit the game. This also includes the use of alt accounts to take advantage of our game events.

#. Post your threads in their respective sections based on the nature of your topic. Posting a topic in the wrong section might result in Thread Closing or Deletion.

#. Please browse Forum before posting a thread to see if your desired topic is been posted already or is being discussed and answered already. Topic replication is not allowed and will be deleted. Threads that are inactive for at least 14 days will be closed. Bumping up a thread is only allowed if you didn't receive any answer to your question yet.

#. The Forum doesn't allow users to create threads with topics such as Account Selling, Buying, Trading, and Sharing. The Forum also doesn't allow topics that include ads of other games or companies, pọrnography, gore, and other such topics as stated above.

!!! Violating any of these rules will result in a warning. Additional violations might result in a ban which duration is decided by the resident Moderator of the corresponding Forum Section !!!


Additional Notes for Bugs and Support Section: Make sure the suggestions and ideas you share in the Bugs and Support Section must contain appropriate explanations for us to understand your inputs. For Misbehavior and Bugs Report, follow the instructions given on each thread. For Customer Support Ticket Inquiries, you may click HERE for Tips and Ideas for using the Support System.


Thank you,

Naruto Online Operations Team

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