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[ Updates ] Notice for Account Selling, Buying, Trading, Sharing, and Security


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Dear ninjas,

These days, some players are trying to conduct activities such as Selling, Buying, Trading, and Sharing accounts with other players of the game and some of them end up being tricked or deceived by the other party of the deal. For players who don't have an idea of how we deal with this kind of issue, here's our Official stance on dealing with these kinds of issues.

The company does not support such actions. However, the company reserves all rights to decided not to help or assist players who are accused of account selling/trading/buying/sharing. If you experience any in-game problem, you might NOT receive any help or assistance from us. This includes previous, current, or future owners of the account.

❖ We strongly support the idea of 1 account = 1 player. If you decide to share your login information with someone (family member, friend, etc ..), the company reserves all rights to decide NOT to help or assist players who contact us with their problem. All cases of missing items or missing ingots/coupons will be dismissed. This includes the previous, current, or future owner of the account.

❖ Players who are harassing or bothering other players about account selling/trading/buying/sharing can still be reported to us. We will handle such cases as misbehavior cases. This includes the previous, current, or future owner of the account.

❖ Bans and account locking might still be issued on special occasions. However, the company will not take action against players who stole money from another player and kept the account.

This is just a little reminder for all of you who plan to do such actions. Also, please do not trust players who randomly contact you through in-game or other platforms of the game, saying that you will get free ingots, ninjas, or something else in exchange for giving them your account information. Do not also trust random links given to you or posted on any game platform unless the author is an Official Staff of the Game. There is no such thing that will provide you with free ingots and/or free in-game items.

!!! Remember - Your account is your responsibility and we can't give players their accounts back if they lose them. !!!

Thank you,

Naruto Online Operations Team

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