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[ Other ] Misbehavior Report - Official Thread


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Hello ninjas,

This thread is solely for reporting people misbehaving within the game, whether through world chat or in private messages. The staff of Naruto Online EN, and Oasis Games wants to create a pleasant environment for everyone to game in, and toxic behavior is a detriment and intolerable blight upon our online community. As a result, we have decided to open this thread to file reports for us to investigate. Please note that this is a serious matter.

#. Format of the report:

- Name of offender:

- Offender’s Server ID:

- Short description of the situation:

- Screenshot/s as evidence: (Read all requirements below!)

#. Your screenshots must follow these guidelines to be a valid report:

● The entire conversation between all parties involved.

● The SERVER time and date from the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Local time/date from the chat log or from your computer or phone will not work.

● Screenshots must be submitted using the forum’s built-in image function. No third-party image hosting sites. If you are having trouble posting images, your image may be too large. Consider reducing the image MB size (At most, 1MB File Size).

● The screenshot may not be edited in any way, with the following exceptions: you may remove your email address (upper right-hand corner) and your coupons/ingots from view if you desire.

Failure to follow the above guidelines mean your report will not be considered valid and your screenshots will not be considered as real proof of another player’s actions of misconduct, meaning we will be unable to punish their misbehavior. We will be unable to investigate any such cases.

! All reports will be deleted after they are solved!

Thank you,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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