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[ Lineup ] Help to create a team


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Hi, can someone help me make a good team for Sage World? With what I invented I always lose: '(12534

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Hum when it comes to events like sage, the most important factor is the battle power, if you have a higher power the chances of you winning are very low no matter the team you use, especially without paywalled ninjas. I would highly recommend to get your missing fragments and 4* Naruto 6paths and skill trial him in order to have a chance against same battle power range

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Would you mind to add me into your team? I'm also interested in making a new team.

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pos1 kushina post 2 kurenai summer. pos3 rin pos4 wind main . ultimate refresh skill. standard kagebunshin. chase reasengan. wind/fire boost passive . chase mamana gain passivewait for th to ult

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