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[ Suggestions ] Update 3v3 packs


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Alright, let's have a look at the 3v3 packs.

I wanted to suggest an update to these packs because most ninjas in there are very easy to farm and/or not relevant at all anymore.
I'm not suggesting having SOSP frags or any meta ninja in there, but personally, first of all I would remove the following ninjas:

- Asuma WB
- Kakashi [Beheading Sword]
- Fu Yamanaka
- Ao
- Torune
- Mabui
- Akatsuchi
- Temari [Five Kage]
- Shikamaru [Chunin]

And then I would add ninjas like:
- Duy Might
- Shira
- Chiriku
- Fu [Edo Tensei]
- Han [Edo Tensei]
- Ay [Fourth Raikage Kimono]
- Deidara [Edo Tensei]
- Kakashi [Susano'o]

Reasoning is the same of always, the ninjas i mentioned that I would remove are very easy to obtain in seal treasure and collection, they also don't have any use anymore.
The ninjas I mentioned that I would add are season ninjas that we're unable to obtain unless your server was active when those season ninjas were given, then is only natural that if you're giving Roshi Edo or Yagura Edo why wouldn't you give Fu Edo and Han Edo that are arguebly worse. Then Ay Kimono, never seen a single player using him, then Deidara Edo was awesome in its time but is out of use anymore. Finally Kakashi Susano'o same old story, at least nobody in my server uses him so i'm gonna go ahead and say a small percentage of player does use him.

New players will be happier because the ninjas that get removed are still very accessible to them and the new added ninjas will make them have a very fun start in the game.
Veteran players will be happier because they no longer need those ninjas that I suggested to remove, and they will be able to collect those other ninjas without spending coupons in them when they no longer have any use.
Everyone wins.

Thank you.

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  • The_X On 2021-08-14 19:54:07
  • just DON'T add the young sannins in there haha


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  • Kiriya. On 2021-08-16 15:30:14
  • I don't like changing from X ninja pool to Y ninja pool because different people need different things. From older server perspective those packs are useless but for new servers those are alright since they want to farm even old non meta ninjas for extra power/initiative. The better solution would be to make like 4 different packs and rotate them.

No, newer servers can easily farm the ninjas in those packs, the ones that they can't farm are the other ninjas. Imagine being able to farm both!
The rotation pack thingy could also be an option, good idea.

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