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[ Other ] About NA Oasis and her autonomy.


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I come here to express some of my "didactics"doubts as an Oasis player and consumer.

Firstly, i really would like to know how far the autonomy of NA Oasis goes. We all know that Tencent is legally in possession of Naruto Online and that Oasis is only a subsidiary companion whose responsabilities are through regional distribution of the game. By asking all that i mean: Is Tencent overcontrolling Oasis, or Oasis is free to take their own actions in relation to the game?

I don't even know if that post is under the jurisdiction of Oasis. If so, i would like to be oriented by a moderator.

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where does it state that oasis is a subsidiary company with only responsibility of regional distribution?

it can simply be that tencent owns the rights to the game and "sold" it to oasis and not directly controlling it as it would be part of tencent

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Firstly, it is necessary to weigh the notoriety of both companies. Tencent is a multibillion-dollar company that, out of sheer boredom, buys off its competitors. Oasis is an entertainment company that, let's face it, could barely sustain itself before Naruto Online. To complemente, Oasis, when closing deals with Tencent, ended up coming into line with the Chinese market, which everyone knows that is one of the most opressive and dictatorship countries.

Perhaps i should remember that Naruto Online Mobile has been released years ago and has not yet made it available to the rest of the game.

I'm here to debate, not to refute anyone, However, the situation of the game is deplorable and a can't stop thinking that the Autonomy of Oasis is beeing injured by Tencent.

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This forum is for suggestions and bugs. Your topic is a discussion thread. As such, it is neither, and is thus better posted in another board. You are free to express such concerns and discussions, but they do have to be elsewhere in the forum in an appropriate place.

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