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[ Fanfiction ] DISCOURSE OF EVIL=== JA JA JAN'


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Within the Fire Temple in the Great Hall of Awakenings,

Sora sat patiently as he awaited the high preside to begin,

"Heavens on our side today, he has come, the one who preaches,"

"The One ? You mean the Team of Three Wise Men who they call Trinity ?"

"Ahh yes!", responded another monk, "The trinity, one is a woman too."

"Ohh a Nun?" Sora plugged out one of his as well.

"They do not call her that", said the first, "she is Holy but of diff"

Sora made a face, for holier than thou thoughts are not really his like,

"I'll sooner had to another chant or a chore at hand", he noted.

"What is the point of the discourse of Evil ?" the youngling asked.

"What we need to learn of course", said an elder monk, "Even with sealed

Ears we have to study their reasons and their beings, only then

Can we allow ourselves to discern and seal aside the unholy ones."

Sora mulled, and soon into the Hall walked in the Trinity.

The lessons were long and tiring, the scriptura they speak of,

"They called beyond reproached", yet is us who needed to study.

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