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  • Sarcastic remarks or not, I see no problem with that. Maybe this way people will stop asking for more since anyone can just work hard on their own. Anyway, I was not able to fully recruit Oro young adult so I think there are those who did not get them (above mentioned) as well :)

    I am not saying I don't want freebies, just so no one misinterpret me again (there are alot of people who seem to do so I gotta put it always for them to understand lol)

    Again, for clarity, with simple words I put: "Sarcastic remarks or not, I see no problem with that" :)

    Great minds think alike!

its not about wanting freebies its about turning things to the worse, pure example as i mentioned the mission mobilization packs, they removed the kages from them to add optional young sanin pack which is arguably worse since the sanins you can make them in things like survival but tell me where do the kages drop...

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