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[ Suggestions ] Pretty good imo


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  • The_X On 2021-08-07 19:57:36
  • its not about wanting freebies its about turning things to the worse, pure example as i mentioned the mission mobilization packs, they removed the kages from them to add optional young sanin pack which is arguably worse since the sanins you can make them in things like survival but tell me where do the kages drop...

With all due respect, Each player has his own likes/dislikes. actually those young adults are useful to some, but disposable to others.

Altho I will admit, I see your point. I really do. Things may seem decreasing in value, but so what. They are just supplements, not the real earned ninjas :)

Again, we c*ways collect. If they happen to give us edo minato in fireworks in 5 months of so then very nice for us. (since kushina red/kurenai summer/shisui/edo nagato/kisame fusion/etc - they gave for free). I am not saying they will, but it can happen. If they give us weaker ones then it is all right.

I am not really sure why we complain for such things, given they are free. This thing may root to other's high expectation from previous giveaways turning them to be demanding at some point.

Again, suggesting is not harmful. But we should atleast lower our expectations. That's all :)))

I came in peace hehe Hope you understand. It's only my opinion tho, I could be wrong

Have fun. Always!

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Forgive me. somtimes I am Iamweak other times I am Nygma. So that we are clear you are talking with the same person (they have different agenda but sometimes I am lazy to switch :3)

Again, healthy discussion is always appreciated I just wanna say. We may have different views but it's always better to be respectful. That's all that matters.

Have fun!

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  • Carlaosn On 2021-08-08 00:31:07
  • For my part, we should remember that some ninja are just almost impossible for free player to get because there no more event where you can find them at all. Other ninja in event that are no more in meta or even usefull have cost too high for there real value (cough tendo).

    I'm not complaining about free bad ninja. I'm complaining about the fact there lot of ninja or item that so hard to get that new player will just never see them, ever.

    I begin to play the game almost 2 years ago now, and even if i own lot of ninja, kage almost never appear in event, hinata cloak, temari bikini, most christmas ninja and etc are never in any event to get. They give skill break to some of those but if they never appear in event so why in the first place they have skill break??? Are they just there to mock us or what?

    I think giving place to some of those missing ninja would be already a better way for event. Not asking like some for edo hiruzen ( like some ....... player), just asking to be fair and place new way to get old ninja. Seals pack have not been update for years. Must event have always same stuff. Some item like normal and protect vial are harder to find in event vs the advance version.

    If you'r going to introdiuce stuff in game, pleace be coherent. There no use to bring new ninja skill break if no one will ever have them. I'm in a group with the most powerfull player of all server (over 3millions power) and he's even got problem to skill break some of those new ninja place in game.

I totally agree with this actually, in a way. But comparing the current free ninjas with our likings (in terms of give-aways) I think is not the way to go. I know your concern is not about "(1)free ninja" but more on "(2)redeemable packs.ninjas". Altho I actually am still basing my thoughts regarding the main idea of this thread, which is the sign-in ninjas & fireworks. This is only just my pure opinon also.

(2) I would love for some minato hokage frags too (or Kurenai Summer/killer bee 8 tails/etc), more often if possible. Most of those ninjas had their "time" to be collected (I know this because I got kurenai summer on my own before and also kushina BT hehe). Sadly, not all ninjas can be accomodated and be available each week. That is one consideration. Those who got them , they got them because it happened to be that they appeared often during their playing time. This is a one of the good advantages of older players actually, and it is understandable that a newer player ofc will miss those out.

(2) But that is why we have a suggestion section tho. We can suggest, hope they will listen but don't be disappointed if not accepted. Again, lower our expectations I guess.

(1) I will put it this way: a free ninja was given away and yet some still complain. (2) Maybe we can just suggest for those ninjas we like to appear more often [ in terms of redeemble packs or whatever ]. (1) But to compare a completely free-ninja (such as sign-in/myoboku/fireworks/etc) and ranting that they should not be given out instead, I think that is beyond appreciative. I hope everyone follows.

I am pretty confident that people can tell if someone is (still) being toxic or not. To add, negative feedback is different from toxicity. Mainly differs in terms of the composition and the main idea of the concern itself. To sum it up, not all complaints are wrong. :)

Anyway, it is nice to see different point of views for all of us to fully understand the whole idea of one topic. I maybe wrong, you could be wrong, anyone could be wrong. Debates should not be about winning, it should be more of a learning grounds for all to see what is right and wrong. hehe

Have fun, all!

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